“I pace upon the battlements and stare
On the foundations of a house, or where
Tree, like a sooty finger, starts from earth;
And send imagination forth
Under the day’s declining beam, and call
Images and memories
From ruin or from ancient trees,
For I would ask a question of them all.”
— W. B. Yeats

…a french custom garage from Biarritz with a really authentic atmosphere….

This is a video of a french motorcycle builder. Indeed, as the excerpt from the description states, he has a authentic atmosphere and based on the artistic video seems to build the bikes because that was what he was set out to do in life. Like his father before him, he’s loved the smell, sound and satisfaction of the hard work he puts into his projects.

However, the unsure feeling I have about this video has nothing to do with the man or the video. It has nothing to do with his bikes or the work he’s done. No, it has everything to do with the proto-Hipster’s who mock people like this and attempt to make irony a way of life.

See, I’m often called a Hipster, in a negative light. Name calling doesn’t bother me, but association sometimes does. Most folks are saying these things because things I like suddenly are in style. Things I’ve loved all my life are suddenly in books, magazines, media and pretty films like this one. People in Japan, Europe, Canada, the US and all over attempt to find themselves looking like they are people who work hard and strive for something bigger and better with their lives. 

They think if they quit their 9-5 jobs and drive around the country-side taking the same damn pictures as other photographers and post them using the same Instagram or VSCO filters, that they suddenly have meaning. They buy boots that are strong and built to last, but will never see a spark from a welding torch or have oil dripped onto them. They will spend tons of time changing every part of their being to look like they know what hard work is.

It is likely I harp on this a lot. I am pretty sure this isn’t the first time I’ve posted about this. The description of that video just tweaked me the wrong way, I suppose. As a person who works hard to be authentic and true with all that I do, people like this irk me. Not because of what they do, I really don’t care about what they do or don’t do. I just don’t like be attributed to it. And that’s something I need to just get over, and get to work.

“If I could I would always work in silence and obscurity, and let my efforts be known by their results.”
— Emily Bronte