“A philosophy without heart and a faith without intellect are abstractions from the true life of knowledge and faith. The man whom philosophy leaves cold, and the man whom real faith does not illuminate, may be assured that the fault lies in them, not in knowledge and faith. The former is still an alien to philosophy, the latter an alien to faith.”
— Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel¬†

There are days where I listen to songs and through some indescribable feeling, I feel a friend who isn’t here anymore, smiling. These are moments in which I have shared with that person before, but not with these songs. Some were even written after they had passed.

Is it the energy? Is it the emotion the song draws out? Like when you stand upon the top of a hill and the sun is shining, when suddenly a wind flows over you and for a brief millisecond you feel a lift of your spirit, as if for if you let go you could float and be gone with the wind.

How are memories so physical? How can we see something and be able to zoom in like a photographer attempting to capture the quick movement of a hummingbird, as it floats to take a drink of the water within a buttercup, as if there is nothing around us but the very moment we are experiencing? How can these memories and feelings be so present and yet so post terra?